Telepsychiatry Services

All services are provided via telepsychiatry from the comfort of your own home. All prices listed are for cash paying/direct pay patients or patients with insurance coverage classifying Dr.Maurer as “out of network”.  Costs with accepted insurances depend on copayment, deductible etc. 

You Can Schedule Telepsychiatry Visits For the Following Services

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation/Consultations

60 minute visit for all new patients: $400

Follow-up Appointments

Including medication management/psychotherapy: 30 minutes $200, 15 minutes: $100

Therapy Only Appointments

 60 minutes: $250

Services Not Provided

Disability Evaluations

Court Ordered/Involuntary Treatment

Forensic Evaluations

Medication Assisted Treatment (Suboxone, Methadone)

Capacity Evaluation

Treatment for Patients Under the Age of 18

Insurance/Payment Options

Preferred Psychiatry is currently only paneled /accepting patients with PEHP or ComPsych insurance coverage. However, this does not restrict patients with alternative insurance coverage from receiving care from Dr. Maurer

With many health insurances, you may be able to have a large proportion of the fees reimbursed by your insurance provider. Dr. Maurer can provide you with a form for this type of reimbursement. Payment via funds from FSA and HSA accounts should be an option for most, but please contact your FSA/HSA carriers to confirm. Medical (including psychiatric care) expenses are tax-deductible. For more information about this payment model, visit our about page.


If you have questions about services, appointments, payment options, or becoming a patient, please fill out this form. If this is an emergency, call 911 immediately.